Happy Update on Guido (alias Witje)

05-2023:  He has been adopted! :)

Together with his buddy Lewie

When doing "what's best for" backfires at you...

Hello "my" dear White. I still miss you, roaming our garden, where I was finally able to get close to you when you were hurt. I cared for you the best I could, and you let me. In the end, our bond was so good, that you came over to cuddle.

In addition to missing you, despite my best intentions for you, I still feel guilty that you lost your freedom because of me. The accompanying video shows how affectionate you are as soon as you trust someone. You were sweet before I won your trust, because you never acted ugly to other cats. I wish you a nice home very soon, which is really not possible at our house with our current 7 adopted cats (4 of which are your kids ☺️).

I miss you, and hope you have forgiven me for being locked up now while you were so happy outside. If my home situation may ever make it able to adopt you into our family, and you are still at the shelter, I am coming to get you, I promisse!! ❤️

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