TAI CHI | The 5 Elements

Cycle of The 5 Elements

Scoop deep the water, whereof wood grows upwards, embrace it and bring it to your heart, which sets it on fire and burns it, let the ashes come down to the earth, split with metal and scoop the water again...

Practice for body/mind/soul. 

I tried to capture the 5 elements with Yin and Yang through AI-art and afterwards with acrylic on wood, to give as a thank you to my Tai-Chi teacher. 

Tai-Chi Qigong brought me much, it made me  discover that small and gentle, brings amazingly large contributions to body and mind.  Don't let your physical limitation(s) put you on hold any longer. 

When situated in The Netherlands - Noord Brabant, I highly recommend "De Weg Van De Cirkel".

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