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Goodbye to AI-Art   

Although I was overexcited at first once I discovered AI-Art, it turnes out to not be my thing. Doodling can be kind of fun, but it does not bring me the relaxation and satisfaction of actualy producing something artish myself. 

Doodling  does provide inspiration sometimes, so guess that's what I may keep using it for occasionaly.

AI-Art starryai

Serie "Swanlike"  (Folding card, mug)

My inspiration for this new design, emerged from thinking on a

wedding gift for one of my nieces who was soon to be married. 

Swans symbolize lifelong bonding. 

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Folding Card "Vrolijk Thuismus" - "Merry Homemus"    (OUT)

I designed this card as a result of a family project, to send to the

homebound elderly within our family during the first lockdown due to Covid-19.

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Serie "Heart=Home"  (Folding card, mug)

The new house of my brother and his wife ("this is the house we plan to only leave in a box he said"), inspired me to this design in which I tried to express their love and commitment to each other.

AI-Art starryai, Procreate.

Improved AI-Art Doodles 

My AI-Art doodles are improving don't you think? :)

- Rebirthing Heart

When you refind what you like, love, what relaxes, excites or inspires you. Welcome back!

- Cycle of The 5 Elements

Scoop deep the water, whereof wood grows upwards, embrace it and bring it to your heart, which sets it on fire and burns it, let the ashes come down to the earth, split with metal and scoop the water again...  Practice for body/mind/soul.

First AI-Art Doodles 

My first AI Art doodles. 😁 I just learned about its excistance and was like what?!! 

I have always wished for to live long enough to may experience something truly futuristic, and this AI Art is a nice start. 😉 It is fun and I will certainly broaden my horizon on this subject !!

AI-Art starryai

Postcard "The Owlder The Wiser"

Wisdom compensates for the wrinkles ;)

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