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The 5 Elements of Tai-Chi 

Acrylic on wood

For my Tai-Chi teacher.


Acrylic on canvas

Failing is Learning :D

Embracing Autumn  

Acrylic on canvas 

Inspired by my love for living in a 4-season country. 

Life's good in the brood! 

Aquarel on paper

Ugly duckling or lucky duck,
As long mum's around, we don't give a ....

Memorize & Let Go 

Oil Pastel + Acrylic

Let's not forget but let go.


Acrylic on canvas 20x20cm

Night flower in bloom, transcending the darkish gloom.

Inner Space

Oil Pastel on paper

As a thank you to my boss, for giving me the space I needed.

Thanks @Art Diarium for tutorial

Zen Sun

Oil Pastel + Acrylic on paper

For my manager, for her understanding and sincere


Thanks @morning DRIZZLE for tutorial

Finding Me

Oil Pastel on paper

For DvG, effort comes natural.

Thanks @art and craft with tanoy for inspirational tutorial

In Lovely

Oil Pastel +Pencil on paper

This one is for EvdH, life is life.

Thanks @Tuhin's Creation for tutorial

Happy Energy

Oil Pastel on paper

For CS, rough diamond :)   

Thanks @Priyanshi Art Gallery for inspirational tutorial


Oil Pastel on paper

For EvL, horselover and trainster.

Thanks @Art Arena for tutorial

City Boundary

Oil Pastel on paper

For one of my sisters. She likes nature and loves the city.  Inspired by the memory of her dog with whom she had a strong bond. May he rest in peace.


Oil Pastel on paper

For our cat-sitters.

Thanks to Art@Aftab for inspirational tutorial

Dream Away

Oil Pastel on paper

For a dear friend, remembering...

Thanks @art arena for tutorial

Happy Birdday

Oil Pastel on paper

To the hostess of #olsbackacottage in Sweden.

Thanks @artlexander for tutorial

Rapid Sweden

Charcoal on paper

One of the many rapid streams Sweden has to offer.

Giveaway to my love 💕

Beach Boyz

Oil Pastel on paper

For two dear friends. Just because. ♥

Thanks @modern art gallery for tutorial

Lala's Poppies

Oil Pastel on paper

To my big sis for her birthday.

She adores poppies and I adore her.

Thanks @treasure trove for tutorial

African Elephants

Oil Pastel on paper

For a family member who traveled to Africa and fell in love with it.

Thanks @Art and Sketch for tutorial