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mental health tai chi

Cycle of The 5 Elements

Scoop deep the water, whereof wood grows upwards, embrace it and bring it to your heart, which sets it on fire and burns it, let the ashes come down to the earth, split with metal and scoop the water again...
Practice for body/mind/soul. 
I tried to capture the 5 elements with Yin and Yang through AI-art.

Anxiety Highway

Burnout  anxiety, 

for almost 2 years,

kept me imprissoned, 

so lost, full of fears.


One was with driving,

damn the highway,

but I kept on trying,

and had victory today.


I have learned a lot,

to let go, to relax,

to stand up, to enjoy,

the mind-body complex.


I feel thankful, and know 

now the biggest must,

is to think less and do more,

to gain your own trust.


Trust lessens anxiety, 

so go out there, just be,

and the core of your being,

will be yours again, you'll see.


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mental health tai chi

Tai Chi | The Rolling Dragon

This time the lesson was mainly about how you can discover tension points in your body with certain Tai Chi movements, where they are located in you and how you can relax those points using Tai Chi techniques. By applying The Rolling dragon (rolling technique from cervical vertebrae to tailbone) you can very well pinpoint any tension points in the neck, back and hips and thus focus your self-treatment on the right places.

mental health tai chi

Tai Chi | 2nd Lesson - Revelation

The second lesson was kind of a revelation.

The exercises were gentle, and small. The effect on the other hand, was grand. What it brought me was far beyond my expectations. I experienced my mind, soul and body as a whole. I actualy felt love for the creature that is me. Haha :) May sound a bit floaty perhaps, but I'm speaking the true truth here.

mental health tai chi

Tai Chi - 1st Lesson

My first Tai Chi lesson is a fact. 

I was interested in practicing it since I was a teenager. And now, about 40 years later, I finaly did it. I guess time does fly ๐Ÿ˜‚.

It was not as spectacular as on this pic, but lets see where it goes over the coming lessons.